The right time to invest in Thailand.



Thailand remains a vibrant and profitable country even through times of political and economic turbulence, the property market whether it be housing or commercial property continues to thrive.

The Low Season is normally the time for new business owners and investors to search for sites to establish new businesses. Whether it is a guest house, restaurant, beauty parlour or some other form of commercial property, the low season is the period when most properties change hands or new leases are signed.

Phuket becomes a hub of activity as business owners are hard at work renovating their businesses and new owners building their new shops in preparation for the coming high season with a high increase of customers the following season in November.

Even during the low season Phuket sees an increasing number of customers each year, with multiple direct and connecting flights from across the world.

But even as the Low Season sees higher occupancy rates, it is still an excellent time for those looking for commercial property in Phuket, so, if you wish to rent or buy a hotel in Phuket don’t hesitate to contact us and see what Phuket has to offer.


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