Core Services

We provide helpful free advice for all our customers to enable the setting up and running of Hotels and Businesses, purchasing homes, condominiums and villas within Phuket.

We have a specialised and dedicated team that focuses on helping our clients who wish to invest in the Leisure and Tourism industry especially those who wish to invest in Hotels and Restaurants. We understand that not everyone has a background within this industry and therefore we are able to assist our clients in building their knowledge base in-order to implement a working business plan and successfully take-over and manage their chosen business.
We have proven management systems and coaches to assist you in selling rooms and generate bookings with the best possible rates in-order to maximise the potential of your business. Using a system which is easy to use and can be implemented and maintained online from anywhere in the world.

If you wish to hire our property management team, we are able to provide a service tailored to your budget and requirements. Whether you require over the phone or face to face assistance we can meet your needs.

Our expert team have helped run successful 5 star hotels for the past 20 Years with clients including GM’s who have required assistance so their businesses can reach and fulfil their potential.

We provide services such as consulting on working room rates, in-order to set the right rate that creates profit while still attracting potential customers as well as the following in-depth criteria:

  • Property Valuation : This is a formal valuation of premises, stock, plant, vehicles, equipment, and other tangible assets.
  • Value of cash flow : The broker examines the books related to the intended purchase, and forms a picture of the actual trade carried out.
  • Value of goodwill : Business reputation and commercial logos, trademarks, etc.)
  • Viability of the business : This may include assessing the business location, or any other trading factors affecting the business, like competition, profit margins, and sales projections.
  • Overheads : Running costs of any business affect the bottom line for profitability.
  • Risk management costs : Some businesses have specific risks, like construction, transport, and retail, where insurance coverage for accidents and staff compensation is required.
  • Any liabilities which the purchaser is required to assume : In most cases, purchasers of businesses do not take over liabilities, unless the owner is a corporate entity and the purchaser is taking over the company.
  • Property Research : To help all our clients find the property that suit their budget. We also help all investors to find the right project and business to invest in at any location in Thailand.
  • Property Negotiation : We ensure that all our clients receive the best deal, we aim to complete all deals at the lowest possible price as we are a well known local brokers who continue to have very good relationship with all landlords and owners in Phuket. For the past 15 years our company has been able to conduct meaningful negotiations in all types of property with a special focus on businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars.
  • Sole Agent : Our company is privileged and pleased to be the Sole Agent for selling many hotels, Villa and Condominium Projects. After we inspect properties, all licenses, papers, construction standards, pricing and financial accountability.
  • Legal Services : Our company drafts and provides all types of contract lease agreements between purchaser and seller as well as checking and attaching all other documents for a contract which are included with completing a deal to buy or lease.
  • Property Insurance : Our company has direct contact with insurance companies as we endeavour to ensure our clients receive the best deal and services when taking out any kind of insurance policy relating  to the home and hotel business.
  • Property Management Services : We provide management services to safely maintain and and securely supervise homes, villas, and condominiums as well as the development of projects. We assist the owner to find customers and under advisement from the owner, control operation and management the property with as much care and attention to detail as the property was our own home.
  • Property Maintenance : We are a local company therefore we have experience with local businesses which we trust to provide an extremely high standard of all work to be carried out.
  • Furniture Sourcing : We provide furniture for homes, hotels and businesses, we deal direct with suppliers to provide furniture according to our clients requirements from various sources including local hand crafted bespoke wooden furniture to imported stylish modern Italian designs.
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